While I am sure its pretty safe to assume that the roaming primal ideas will no longer happen due to lack of information, I could not help but come up with an idea after I was chatting to my brother and well here it is.

In this example I will be using Ifrit as the roaming primal but the others too will get it.

Starting the Fight

The first part of the idea is that the Primal would need to be summoned into the world and to do this they need crystals and I thought why not have these delivered by the beast tribes across the map.

So using Ifrit as an example we could imagine that whenever someone enters South Thanalan there is a percentage  chance that a beast tribe caravan will appear to said person (only that person’s party can see it – not the whole server). So this caravan will first appear at any entry point to South Thanalan and then makes it way to the beast tribe area and should they get there then Ifrit would get some points recorded (lets say each caravan is worth 10 points and Ifrit needs 1000 to be summoned). Should the player defeat the caravan (either by hunting it, or finding it with pure luck) they would earn crafting materials, shards and possibly beast tribe currency that they can trade in for gil.

Now lets say that Ifrit hits the limit needed then on the next hour he is then spawned starting at the beast tribe location. From there it moves onto the second part.

The Fight Itself

So Ifrit is now summoned and he is standing around the beast tribe which is not really that much to it until Ifrit is shown wondering around South Thanalan and starting a fight with whomever it comes across and leaving them for dead.

The idea is simple that once Ifrit has spawned it is then up to the players to bring down Ifrit. So you first have the people who stays behind to protect the sanctuaries from the beast tribe themselves, people to help rebuild the defenses and then people to actually kill Ifrit at which point he would disappear for three days which then re-starts the counter.

The aftermath

The overall idea gives each job something to do and all those involved could get a reward or something of that nature. Now I know what you are thinking that people will not do it but an idea appeared to me … what if leaving these primals up actually affects something close to them – the markets.

Imagine if Ifrit is lose in Thanalan at this point the market board taxes for Ul’dah will start going up slowly (imagine a lack of trade due to increase danger if you need a lore purpose) until it gets to the point it could be quite a massive increase in taxes.

Now once Ifrit is killed the taxes shoot down and it becomes cheaper to sell there than any other area.

While I still do imagine roaming primals will not happen – I wouldn’t mind to see the above!

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