With now a day or two passed with the current raid falling on us, I have finished the normal mode of Alexender: Midas and I am happy to say its a massive jump from Gordias and it was far more enjoyable. I will first talk about the lore of the actual story and I got to say I am currently very bored with it and its nothing like The Binding Coil of Bahamut and am really hoping the final part is far more interesting. With that said, that’s just the worst part about it – read below!

I did originally intend to record these but sadly it wasn’t done all in one day and we switched members around based who was online so the footage deemed a bit odd to have used but anyhows without delay, let’s go!

The Fist of the Son

... I remember this place.

… I remember this place.

This was hands out the most interesting visually of all of the fights and was pretty fun to do although I did originally do it as a Summoner rather than a White Mage.

The idea is simple behind the fight as you got to change your forms using buffs from around the room in order to suit what is needed such as changing into a bird to dodge AoE attacks.

And from experience this fight seems pretty easy to do in Duty Finder too, so a plus there!

The Cuff of the Son

... ya I had to take this afterwards.

… ya I had to take this afterwards.

This is now here it starts to become an actual raid in terms of how you would expect it to look from experience. This floor involved having to worry a tiny bit about your movement and making sure that you are standing on the right spot at the right time otherwise you will either take a ton of damage or get a debuff.

In the end the fight just involves your standard tank switching and sharing damage with another tank or raid but I enjoyed it at least.

The Arm of the Son

Thank you, Pulse of Life!

Thank you, Pulse of Life!

Another floor that I would imagine would be a nightmare to jump into Duty Finder with but I overall found this one quite enjoyable and is the one I am looking forward the most in seeing how it works when I get to savage. So this fight involves four different locations that is designed to entrap a certain type of role within your party and to do something inside such as a DPS check, being lazy or in case of being a healer just … stand on a certain spot.

This floor was fun I will give them that and while I really tried to get a good screenshot with what I called “Alexender’s Nuts” I sadly could not take a good one as you may have noticed a whole bunch of screenshots are missing from this post – I will try to sneak some in later!

The Burden of the Son

Get used to this.

Get used to this.

While I can not debate that the music was pretty good, I do feel kinda let down by this one. This fight is mostly the same as the second floor but with some “new” things included. I do say new things as these new things are exactly the same that you can find in the Binding Coil of Bahamut and The Void Ark.

But with that said it looked like it was an okay-ish hard fight to do but nothing compared to how Gordias’s floor 4 was. Not too sure if I would give it a try in Duty Finder as a fellow FC’s member experience for over 4-6 hours was the same as the screenshot to the right.

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