The joys of teaching

Blow that shit up!!!

Blow that shit up!!!

I am sure some people will enjoy reading the hypocrisy in this post seeing that just the other day I explained about the problems that the mentors would have (The problem with the mentor system) but the other day I had a sense of remembering why I enjoyed teaching in the first place.

Now this sense I mean is when someone has spent their own time and effort learning and then with help finally push themselves not only to go beyond the goal they had but to take everything that they were taught and to take that further.

I suppose when I think about it this is kinda what I hoped that the mentor system would actually be like where you take someone under your wing so to speak and watch them develop into a better player but instead its just a chat channel which I suppose at the end of the day that is all it has to be.

But regardless it is very nice to see people still within the lands of Eorzea that tried the Sea, Sky and Stone dummies and found that they were lacking and rather blame everyone else or their gear – they actually seek out help to only then improve themselves massively.

While I may no longer be one of the best Summoners anymore I got to say its nice to know there are two people out in Eorzea following my summoning legacy!

In all seriousness when you think about it the mentor system was never really needed as the ones that want to help will help and the ones that want help will seek it out.

Ah well, lets just see how it goes – at least the novice tutorial is good!

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  1. Patricia Nirvana

    Very late reply but I think its pretty much the same on every server. So many people see the crown not as am mentor but to say “I’m better than you”.

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