As of today. I have finally got my hands on Astrope’s Whistle (I Hope Mentor Will Notice Me VI) and it has been quite an … interesting time farming this. First thing is the friendly mentors I have met on the way which has turned into quite a bit of a race and am quite happy to hear that they have also completed farming for Astrope! 

I doubt I will need to speak much about the kind of players I have met. I have seen many people that cleared content undersized that had no idea what to do, other who you rooted for hoping they will get that clear and many others who had no idea what to do at all and never listened to anything.

Now I am not going to moan about the player base as it is honestly different based on what content you do but if you are planning to farm for this mount I would advise either not to do so, or go as a melee DPS and just zone out. For those interested, I mostly did these roulettes as a Red Mage (over 1.3k) and I think I won’t touch Red Mage anymore for a long while.

But finally, I have completed this grind and as much as I hated doing this I think I will pop into mentor roulette from time to time … I’m quite sure I will oddly miss the experience.

Random Stats!

  • Most Common Job done: Red Mage.
  • Most Failed Duty: Hero on a Halfshell (Really).
  • Most common raid: Fist of the Father.
  • Most common dungeon: The Tam-Tara Deepcroft.
  • Most common trial: Garuda Extreme.
  • Most failed trial: Ramuh Extreme.
  • Disbanded Duties: 74.
  • Failed Duties: 217 (excluding disbands).
  • Average duties a day: 16.96.
  • Most common tank duty: Extreme Trials.
  • Most common DPS duty: Guildheist.
  • Most common healer duty: Dungeons (or should I say, Tam-Tara).
  • Most common type of duty: Guildheist.
  • Total days: 82.

Was it worth it?

To me, yes. Simply because I mentally needed the two-man mount to fit the rest of my mount scheme. Would I advise to do it? Honestly, no. Avoid mentor roulette – it isn’t worth it but if you can stomach it go for it! But I did meet some very nice people on the way.

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