With a new patch comes a new dungeon and although its a dungeon I do not foresee doing a lot (let’s face it, for many people they now have all the tome gear they could want or being able to get raid gear instead).

The dungeon is a part of the Four Lords storyline and involves you getting an image that allows to speed up the passage of time or something to allow someone to train up quickly although I could be wrong there as I have not yet finished the whole storyline). 

Overall this dungeon is your standard one but it seems that everything here dies a lot quicker and if you have done any raids you will find nothing really new has been given. 




So the first boss of this dungeon uses a lot of wind attacks but there is nothing you wouldn’t have seen before.

The first main attack you will see is a large AoE that will appear around the boss. You dodge this accordingly and I do believe the name was called Clout of Tengu but I never got around to finding out again.

The next major thing is your standard line AoE called Yama-Kagura which targets someone and is quite a big attack. This is your standard just stand out of the lines of doom – just a bit of easy movement.

Next, you had your standard eye attack – just turn away and nothing happens. If you do get caught by Wile of the Tengu, you will get hysteria.

There is also your standard tank buster but honestly, even if you have some good gear you are likely to ignore using any form of cooldowns for this. I think the name was Might of the Tengu or Strength of the Tengu – I am too lazy to find out again.

The last attack is a simple one. Fire will slowly move around the area and if you touch it you take damage and a DoT. From what I have read you also gain the same debuff from Ifrit Ex where your max HP goes down but I can’t confirm this. The name of this skill is Tengu Ember and is a pretty simple one to avoid.


I think a lot of hentai starts this way.

I think a lot of hentai starts this way.

Alright, I will be fair about this boss – I enjoyed it simply because the boss doesn’t give a cast bar that alerts you what to do – you got to be aware via text that appears.

So the first attack I remember (okay, I checked my recording of the fight) involved the boss raising up on of its arms and smashing it down. Although I didn’t dodge the one time I saw it, I do believe you just got to go to the other side.

The next attack – The Land Take You – is just a simple AoE that follows the player around for a few hits.

Afterwards you have to deal with a circle AoE that starts in the middle that goes further and further to the point you have to stack near the edge. Simple to dodge – just move with the AoE.

Qitian Dasheng

I knew I was better than Goku.

I knew I was better than Goku.

After all that you finally get to beat Goku up and sadly he pretty much to do. So the first thing you have to watch out for is his tank buster which doesn’t really do that much damage (sensing a theme in this whole dungeon?) but the next attack “Both Ends” is something that can be a bit tricky.

How this works is Qitian will either raise his weapon up which will then be an AoE around him. Should you get hit by this you

will get a debuff and a stack of the classic vulnerability. The other part of this attack s the weapon will be enlarged. Stay near the guy and you will be fine.

Next is your standard AoE which you got to dodge. Afterwards, you got a bunch of adds which you know the deal by now – just kill everything which afterwards he will do a massive attack based on how long it took to kill the adds.

At this point, he will divide into two and again its the classic kill them together act. Should one die it will be spilt again after a few seconds to kill them together and call it a day.

And that is that. Overall I didn’t mind this dungeon but it was far too easy which is a theme why I hate dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV nowadays.

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