I know it has taken me a lot longer to do these posts this time around (won’t lie my interest right now is pretty much gone) but I do have to say that I enjoyed the raid but let us get a few glaring things out of the way before we chat about the bosses. The story itself I do not really know what is going on anymore but we are heading to a lighthouse that was missing or something and I’m sure fans of the series is enjoying it so far. The biggest issue I have with this raid (although it is more to do with all alliance raids now) is the loot. I think it is bullshit you can no longer click need. I do NOT give a shit someone wants to level an alt and refuses to play as it to get loot. I’m even against primal tokens buying weapons for jobs you ain’t cleared the content for. m

But overall let us get onto the raid itself and the bosses! 

Famfrit, the Darkening Cloud

So to start off with we have Famfrit. This boss is pretty simple and it has its starts tank buster which I do not remember the name

Don't get wet!

Don’t get wet!

about. It uses the water element and like other bosses in this series of the raid – any spell that is an element IV is an AoE so Water IV is its AoE.

Beyond that, the boss also has its own knockback which is an AoE which is then followed by an AoE cone attack which keeps doing damage to the boss. Although you “can” survive it I imagine most people will die to it should they get hit. Dodging this attack is pretty simple as you just need to see the direction of the jug like thing and move accordingly.

While this is going on there is also an attack known as Dark Ewer which floats around randomly doing water damage to anyone that stands under it. There is also AoE circles which again you only need to dodge.

You do have to deal with adds that appear which each will do a large amount of damage if they are not killed – all three are not killed and its a wipe. Lastly, the red triangle stacking from Weeping City makes a return. Stack together or get tossed into the air – your choice.

Overall this fight is simple but the cone AoE is likely to wipe a lot of people so just be aware of it. If you are a healer with mostly max ilv gear you can regen/barrier yourself and laugh this off. Overall this fight was okay but nothing special.

Belias, the Gigas

Burning time!

Burning time!

So this time we are fighting Belias and we are against the element of fire. This fight is pretty simple but involved a bit of visual awareness. So you got your standard tank buster (fire) and your standard massive AoE damage (Fire IV) he will also do a few other tricks.

The first is nine AoEs that will be covering the whole floor during Time Eruption. The idea is simple you just need to find the slowest clock and stand on it and wait until the faster ones blow up. Afterwards, you just jump over to the free space and call it a day.

There is a teather as well to deal with (no idea of its name) which freeze people “in time” that is touching it other than the one who has the teather which has a slow debuff based on how far they are away. During this, the boss will quite often divide into two and do a charge. The AoE markers that appear will show you the first set, and then you got to watch for the second. It worth saying that simply standing in the middle is not always the best option.

After that, we have a bunch of adds which you got to kill in time. There is also an attack called tome bomb where you can face the AoE where you want and you got to place it in a position people will not get hit by.

Overall this boss was better than the first. You need some awareness otherwise you get punished worst than death – slow!

Construct 7

Basics maths. Really. BASIC.

Basics maths. Really. BASIC.

Love it or hate it but this is my most favourite boss in this whole raid series so far simply because it makes people stop to think and then blame everyone else for such simple maths over why they died. 

So just like the other bosses, it has a standard tank buster that won’t kill you at max HP, a large AoE damage attack and AoE markers under people. It also has a stack marker where people need to share damage while others dodge. It should also be worth saying it an attack known as pulverize which is a sudden AoE slightly further than max melee range.

After a short bit, he will jump in the air, blue AoEs will appear and then a drop marker will appear. Dodge the dash, blue AoEs, don’t stack the AoEs and be far away from the middle where the drop marker appears and you are golden. After he does this he will do dispose which is a cone AoE where the boss WILL spin around and keep casting it. It will always happen after the AoEs above so stack close afterwards and run around the boss to avoid the same. Be careful as its typically fatal.

After all that we get the fun bit – computation mode. This attack involved the boss knocking down the whole raid’s HP to a single digit number. This is the number you need to use for the rest of the fight. With this attack you will find four panels which will give you either +1 HP, +2, +3 or +4. When the boss does an attack that says divide by – you simply need to match the answer. So if it says divided by 3, you need your HP to either be 3, 6, or 9 and so on. And when it says indivisible it has to be a prime number – all simple.

After that, you have an add phase which is really just a DPS race and then repeats. The best fight of this whole series!



Big scary rawr!

Big scary rawr!

And with all the bosses above dead, we now get to the final boss which honestly is a bit of a letdown. To start with we have our standard tank buster, AoEs and a cone AoE which you have to watch based on the animation of the boss.


The first main thing to worry about is a magnetically based attack where the floor is split into two. You have to stand on the other side of the debuff you got so if you are +ve, you want to be on -ve and so on when it does a certain attack I do not remember the name.

After that, the boss will start rushing around and you will see an arrow based on the boss and all you have to do is stay out of its way. From what I remember it goes clockwise so just stay away. All this is followed by adds which you have to kill, an ultimate where if the bar is high enough you will die.

Then everything repeats and the boss will get a buff. After all that you are done. There is also a stack marker somewhere but this fight is quite bad personally.

And that is the raid in a nutshell. Its better than the one before but overall nothing special.

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