So for those that are still playing Final Fantasy XIV will know that the next stage of Eureka has come out known as Pagos. Pagos is mostly the same as the Eureka before it and this is honestly the biggest problem of this form of Eureka and actually the problem with Final Fantasy XIV – we are still playing A Realm Reborn.

What I mean by this is every single content in this game is exactly the same – a dungeon is a dungeon and nothing changes, a raid is the exact same, Diadem just repeats into Eureka and Palace of the Dead is Heavens on High. Nothing changes but the background. 

Now to get onto Pagos itself and go into a few problems I see with it. The first is it is very clear the development team behind Eureka did not want FATE trains to exist and decided to nerf the number of fates that appears. Now that in itself is fine but there is nothing there to help you level and while I get they designed this in the spirit of Final Fantasy XI but none of the fun has come with it.

There is nothing enjoyable at all about chain killing mobs that DO the exact same thing. The tank runs forward, grabs a couple of mobs, they do the exact same AoE at the exact same time and you just burn it down. I do not want anything handed to the player easily but it should be fun – Pagos is not fun unless you enjoy standing around with other players as you watch Netflix. There is something else about Pagos compared to Anemos – there seem to be no social interactions with people. I remember people having chats as they were spawning NMs – now all you can hear is the echoes of crushing souls.

I have mostly enjoyed the relics quests and have no problem with grinding but honestly, I think this is the first time I have said – “Eh, I think I will skip this one” mostly due to Eureka not even remotely being fun any more and nor does the weapon even seem to work it – fuck they don’t even have a cool name behind it anymore. I remember looking into what Thyrus meant etc but now? Oh yes, Elemental Cane is an amazing read last at night.

Pagos seems nothing more than a nerf of what Eureka was. If I was you I would just skip this Eureka – there very little fun to come from it. And if you like the endless EXP grind then you already know the 10 billion Korean grind MMOs do a far better job.

Until next patch, maybe.

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