It took a few weeks to do via grinding out mobs and going to NM when they pop but I finally have the Elemental Cane. Although it is missing an interesting name the relic design this time isn’t too bad (although not for me) and it makes me wonder what the relic gears will look like in the next Eureka as I imagine they will match the design of the elemental weapons. 

Although typically in these posts I will end it now with a screenshot I am going to speak a little about the experience. I will be the first to say Eureka has problems and if I was to make a single change I would have buffed up the chain experience rather than NMs. 

I am not sure about anyone else but when Pagos was doing chain experience I felt the community spoke more, helped more, tried to work stuff out and overall a more pleasant experience admit a long one. People had a common goal, a common target and wanted the same thing and had to actually put the effort in to get their weapon and that’s the main problem I have with Pagos right now. I see so many people right now just “afk” at the starting point waiting for an NM to spawn then shout and moan at people for not waiting the ten plus minutes it would take for them to get there.

But the bigger problem with how Eureka been is how quick Yoshida is to give in to the community. Chain farming although not great was enjoyable but afking for fates is not and if you want to do it any other way you will find many refuses to do so after all they can just watch Netflix and get their relic.

Well, let’s hope the next Eureka is more enjoyable.

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