At this point within Final Fantasy XIV it is unlikely we will see another spilt job that has the same treatment Arcanist got but I do feel there is a change they could make to give White Mages and Astrologian a DPS “job” so that they can queue up as a DPS (admit a weak one) or otherwise become a DPS where needed such as fights where only one healer might be needed.

For the rest of this example, I will only use White Mage but the same logic can be applied for Astrologian. In the world of Hydaelyn Geomancers draw that power from the “star below” which is Hydaelyn itself – pretty much the same as Conjurers do. 

So my idea is simple. We have four new skills to White Mages. The first of these skills being “Geomancer Stance” or something like that which massively cuts the healing output of White Mage, provides a damage output increase but also allows the usage of three new skills Flood, Toronado, Quake.

While I am not one to be able to balance the job the idea behind these three skills is to give an increase of DPS in order to match the weakest DPS in the game rather than outright buffing White Mages spells and also to allow the developers to add on whatever mechanics they want for the job itself to make it more interesting.

Now you may be wondering what is the downside to this idea? After all, if White Mages could just turn on “Geostance” then they are basically a fifth DPS and we get back to the old debate about Cleric Stance. Well as I said earlier the idea is to allow a White Mage (and Astrologian) to be able to queue up to a duty as a DPS (duty finder could be edited that this can’t work for queueing up for certain duties and so on) but also to change in a duty for cases only one healer is needed. This would be done the same way an Astrologian sect works – once you are in “Geostance” and gain agro you are unable to turn this off and this applies the other way as well as you would unable to turn it on during a fight.

I am quite sure you are wondering why I even bring any of this up and it is simple – not everyone likes levelling different jobs or prefer how one works over the other. Scholar has the benefit of being able to go Summoner if needed and I feel if Geomancer was going to come out they would either add it onto Conjurer or do the idea above. Even if its just a stance you use outside of battle which allows you to equal caster gear so you can only queue up as a DPS (to avoid an issue of having a bunch of people rolling on healer gear


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