With the release of a new even number patch we are back to two dungeons for this release and surprisingly both did not fail to deliver although sadly in time like anything they will just be a wall to wall pull. Unlike last time I am not going to do a mini-guide as there are tons of YouTube videos out there soon but instead just going to talk a bit about the dungeon. 


Overall the design of the dungeon is the same as it was before but looks more aged with time. There was nothing really much else to say about the place beyond the environment is used a bit for the overall fights themselves.


I am very mixed about the music in this dungeon. Originally it started quite well and fit the dungeon but as the dungeon went on it started to get very annoyed and started to hurt my ears to the point I muted the music.

I am not sure why it got annoying but it did and its something to be careful about.

Mobs & Bosses

The mobs in the dungeon are your generic trash but they do have a somewhat interesting gimmick which revolves the mobs having quite a damage defence and how to go about removing it. That said people with good DPS will still rip it apart.  The bosses were a bit of a letdown. The first boss did not have much to it, the second boss was pretty much the same and the last boss had a repeat of a one of the World of Darkness boss.


With all that said I did enjoy the dungeon and I do feel they went a better direction this time compared to any other dungeon within Stormblood so far (excluding The Burn). It was enjoyable but I do feel once the average ilv shoots up this will become just a wall to wall pull again.



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