It has now been about a week since when Eureka has been released so I figured I will speak a bit about the relic quest which regards both the weapon and the armour.

This time in Stormblood unlike A Realm Reborn and Heavensward they have started allowing the relic (or AF gear) to be upgraded just like the weapon which means it gets stronger each time it upgrades with the current stage being the same as the gear you get in normal Omega but with five meldable slots. Although I honestly dislike this as I always felt the relic should be on par with the raid gear (although the last step to make it equal to the raid gear SHOULD be quite hard and I feel that’s something Eureka can work on in future) I got to say I had a lot of fun with the relic quest and I think it is mostly down to Eureka. 

Okay, I will be fair there is some AFKing involved.

Okay, I will be fair there is some AFKing involved.

In the past the relic has always been used as a way to “get people doing old content again” and I won’t lie but this was always annoying for me as it meant running the same dungeon again, running levelling roulette again or buying tomes with poetics which … you guessed it means you got to run dungeons again which is basically something the roulettes now do a very good job with.

With this relic, however, I am free to progress on it how I like and spend as much time as I like. Although it’s still the same logic by gaining crystals which you need a certain amount to upgrade your gear you are able to do FATEs or kill mobs by going in just yourself or with others. If you fancy finishing the final part of the relic itself – you have to spawn a certain NM and have the instance come together to kill it – honestly its quite good fun.

I actually felt I earned this.

I actually felt I earned this

I have found the relic to be very relaxing and surprising one I will very likely carry on doing regardless of the fact I once said before I will not do this for my White Mage relic and am even aiming to get my Red Mage, Scholar and even possibly Summoner set.

And the best part of all this? It seems the FATEs (NMs) scale based on how many people there are so in future even small parties will be able to keep doing this although I imagine when they come to nerfing this they will allow you to buy them with poetics.

Still, I am kinda annoyed you couldn’t upgrade your OWN gear that you wanted but alas we can’t get everything. I’m happy with this relic so far and with Eureka overall.

For those wondering, I would have this relic a lot sooner but I been farming for the final part for Astrope and I will be honest – it isn’t a grind I would like to do again.

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