With many months delay, after memories of the great endgame that used to be Dynamis and a long while of disliking a lot of what Stormblood has to offer I can finally say this – I’m once again having fun.

For those that do not know Eureka is a new type of end-game released based on an island that has suddenly reappeared and your job is to find out why and to also clear the area of powerful mobs. The main goal of this place is to get your relic weapons and gear (which you would need 4700 protean crystals but I will get onto this in a min) which involves a grind after levelling yourself up. Eureka also adds an elemental style wheel into combat which allows you to switch elements for your attacking or your defensive which makes you have to decide which one you will go with – something at lower levels is quite pointless but it all adds up. 

Now one of the major things I been reading about is how long it will take to actually get the relics but what people need to understand is the amount you get will go up as you fight stronger mobs. Right now you will only get a tiny amount due to the levels people are and this will change in time – something that has been said so many times before.

The content itself is pretty fun. The mobs are quite strong and from what I see you do need your typical tank/healer/dps setup in order to be able to fight the strong things. After beating these targets you got a small RNG chance at getting your hands on a Protean Crystal. You get x amount of these and you are able to upgrade gear and a weapon.

Simple, right?

Forward and Back.

Forward and Back.

Afterwards, you will have Notorious Monsters which you are able to pop by killing a bunch of mobs. These work the same as FATEs. With these, you will earn Anemos Crystal which is needed for the later part of the relic or you can trade them in to get a bunch of Protean Crystals.

You may be wondering what this just means its a boring grind and in a way, yes it is. It’s not that much difference to get your hands onto X amount of poetics and then buy items but the major thing why I enjoy Eureka is going back to the roots of an MMO. For the first time in Final Fantasy XIV people actually HAVE to be aware of where they are standing, what they are pulling and make sure they do not bite off more than they can chew. I have enjoyed so much seeing so many people just run in a line right to the next FATE just to end up dead on the floor rather than looking around to see where they should go and so on.

Sadly, however, I can see Eureka being changed based on the up-cry I have been reading on the official forums and Reddit as it seems content like this is finding it hard to exist in our modern age. Now does Eureka need changes? Yes, it does. Eureka could do with daily quests, some other ways to get crystals and I wouldn’t mind seeing a gathering section and even a crafting station where you can ONLY craft certain items while being there.

While I will enjoy what Eureka is right now, I do hope it does not get changed but instead improved upon with new ideas being added. One thing I do see happens with the Final Fantasy XIV Development Team is they have good ideas but fail to make it something special – Diadam and Palace of the Dead being two things and instead just stick to dungeons and hope its enough for people.

Oh, there IS a story in here.

Oh, there IS a story in here.

I suggest if anyone have ideas to improve Eureka to keep it posted on the official forums and in the public eye – Eureka is great and although it needs more added to it – let’s not ruin it just because of a vocal minority is able to yell louder and faster than those that are just enjoying the content so far. 

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