I would be lying if I said I was a massive fan of the new glamour system but if they allow us to withdraw items again in future its at least something but one of the major problems people are speaking about is about putting Mogstation items into the dresser so you are able to use them but naturally once you put them into the dresser you are unable to withdraw it again.

Now you are likely saying to yourself that it does not matter as you do buy those gear for vanity anyway but some do have stats on it you might want to use on a lower level class, you may run out of storage on the dresser and want to store a few in a paid retainer or whatever but there are legit issues people have which can be solved by doing just this – allow us to re-send items on Mogstation.

If you have ever paid for something online for a digital download you can typically re-download said item as much as you want and I do not understand why you can not do the same on Mogstation. Mogstation ALREADY remembers what items you bought or what codes you put in (if you look at the transaction section you will see it) so why not just let it remember which character you sent it to and allow people to re-send the items as much as they want. This will allow people to have a copy in their dresser and to hold another copy if they wanted it for something else later.

Would be a simple solution seeing how much more easy it is to change a web-based program which ALREADY has all this logged compared to a game which has a very bad database backend in the first place.

That or fix the bloody dresser and database but its a cheap and easy fix for now.

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