With a new tier means we get a bunch of new bosses for our raid and while I will not be speaking about savage, for now, I will give my thoughts on Sigma. The first thing is I will say is I think that the developers took while a lazy route to using Final Fantasy VI rather than expanding upon Ex-Death but at least the fights was fun for what they were and look forward to seeing those fights being the only thing in mentor roulette for the weeks to come. 

Phantom Train

Choooo Chooooooooo

Choooo Chooooooooo

So the first fight is Phantom Train and as you can guess its basically the train. The fight itself is very simple and I doubt anyone would need anything explained but the main thing is ghosts will appear. People will randomly be targetted with a light an AoE that is basically a beam of light. You hit the ghost and they disappear.

Later you will have to jump over to fight directly on top of the train and then later in the fight you will be unable to breathe. Hug a ghost, go to a special room and murder the ghost and be on your way.

Very simple – I would be surprised if anyone here wipes it.


Notice the paintings?

Notice the paintings?

The second fight involves fighting a demon that is able to possess different paintings and the fight is simple – whenever Cuanook decides to take over a painting you “paint” the painting and you get whatever is needed in order to save you.

So the first one is a massive fire AoE. All you got to do is get a water buff which is on the floor in front of it. For the earth AoE all you have to do is use the paintbrush in front of it and get a little aeroplane – see a pattern?

For water, you just need to bring up a massive rock which will shield you from the damage just like Behemoth meteors. For the last one, air, someone transform into Typhon and push all the whirlwinds away.

Afterwards, everything will repeat but two of the paintings will happen at the same time and you got to deal with it accordingly to dodge them. 


Careful where you step!

Careful where you step!

I wish there was much I could say about this fight but honestly, I would imagine most people will clear this without having to actually learn anything.

It’s all the pretty standard AoEs and I doubt most groups will wipe. The only thing I can stress is to make sure the off-tank pick up the add – that’s the only real thing that will kill you.


At the end, we got exactly who you would expect, Kefka. This fight is pretty simple once you know what to look out for. This fight works as a bit of a trick as you got to watch out for should you stay in AoEs or not. The trick is simple – if there is a “?” it means you will, in fact, get hit by it. So if there is a ? in the AoE you stand in it. If there is a ? on the turn away marker you face it.

After that, it’s just your standard tank buster, your knockback and a teleporting attack that all you have to do is go behind where Kefka is appearing and then be ready to run to in between him and the middle if its a knockback.

The main thing to worry about however is “Graven Image”. When this happens the tower behind him will do something. The first level will be a knockback, the second one is platform AoEs and the last one is a turn away.

And that’s it – that’s Sigmascape.

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