It seems the story arc for this extreme tiers is not primals and in fact an actual powerful creature and although I don’t think I will enjoy the overall story arc I got to say … the fight itself was pretty fun and very enjoyable. 

The Jade Stoa

Round-O-Round we go!

Round-O-Round we go!

So the story mode for The Jade Stoa overall is a pretty simple fight and the first stage is simply dodging what you would expect to dodge and isn’t anything you haven’t seen so far. 

The real treat in the fight comes as it starts casting its ultimate. Although you are technically not moving just like how it works in Sophia, you are falling from the sky and must dodge incoming orbs of doom, dashes and a few other things.

After you drop it is back to the stuff you have seen in the new dungeons so far but honestly, the fight was pretty fun and at least in terms of the combat content I am enjoying it so far and can’t wait to see how the extreme version turns out!

In terms of music, it wasn’t bad and the visuals outside of the ultimates weren’t bad either. Overall I imagine most people will have fun with this fight and I look forward to seeing where it goes in future.

The Jade Stoa (Extreme)

Why I do need good tights.

Why I do need good tights.

I am quite surprised that I have cleared this extreme fight so quickly using party finder but I have cleared it although I do wish the White Mage cane dropped so I wouldn’t have to go back in.

Overall the fight is … interesting, enjoyable but also disappointing. The reason I find the fight interesting is I am actually enjoying how they have done savage and extreme this time around – rather than just throwing out a bunch of new stuff in different phases they revisit the stuff from the earlier phase and then repeat them mixing in other stuff together and I am enjoying to see how it all works together and The Jade Stoa (Extreme) is no different.

The fight itself is quite fun and there is enough going on to always keep it interesting. Either you are dodging orbs, placing down AoE makers or murdering your healer not making it back to stack in time. You will always find there is something that can go wrong. 

The disappointing thing, however, is it is far to simple for my taste but I do imagine this is just a stepping stone to a future method of designing content based on the methods above. With all that said and done its time to subject to the horrors of Party Finder and … farm it.

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