The second dungeon that came out in this patch is one I was told by many people that told me it was the best one and fuck me I do not really believe that but the quest does give a lot of information about the Four Lords. Overall the dungeon did not look that nice but the music was okay! 


So the first boss is called Otake-maru and this was pretty much your standard dodge your typical AoEs and just grind down its HP.

The only real thing I remember about this fight that you got to watch out for is when Otake-maru selects a random person and follows them with an endless fire attack which you just have to keep running.


This one was the most simple out of all the bosses in this dungeon and it can be explained like this – just keep dodging the circle AoEs and hit it until it dies.

There was nothing really special about it other than the little aero like mobs which you had to kill.


And now we come to the meat of the dungeon. This boss was interesting simply both due to the lore behind it and the fight itself.

Within the fight after all your standard dodge, everything was where platforms would lit up to be followed by a water AoE. You have to watch the arrows and then dodge the water AoEs … or just dodge the first one and run onto the first platform.

Overall I found this dungeon very boring and am really hoping it does not keep popping for expert roulette. The last area was nice in a way.

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