With a new patch comes two new dungeons and this is the first of the two I have completed. The Fractal Continuum does not pick up from where the story was last time but instead brings us further into the creatures that the Allagan Empire has created in the past and with that are the three bosses.

Before I speak to the bosses I am going to comment on the dungeon itself. For our first run, Ryu does tiny pulls so we can see the dungeon far more and it was insanely quick. I do not think it even took fifteen minutes. Visually the dungeon looks nice and the music was enjoyable but they really need to increase the HP on the mobs and increase the damage the bosses do.


I wonder how much this is worth.

I wonder how much this is worth.

So the first boss is something that would make you wonder if the Allagan Empire ran out of ideas at this point. As you should know by now the Allagan Tomestones are massive storage devices and what you are fighting here is basically a massive USB stick.

Nonetheless, the boss is very simple. There will be some normal outgoing damage but to protect the Motherbit the turrets you see in the image on the right will get up and move around. While the first layout will have a bunch of AoE markers which you just need to dodge that the second you will need to face the direction of the turret.

Dodge it, get hit by it or whatever and just burn it down.

The Ultima Warrior

Three in one boss!

Three in one boss!

Now this boss is a very good example of why I quite dislike dungeons in Heavensward and Stormblood … its mostly just recycled stuff you have seen before you seen in extreme primals and while I can understand that many people haven’t cleared extreme primals and thus haven’t seen what the fight has to offer its still a bit of a let down.

Nonetheless, the fight is simple. The Ultima Warrior will switch between the Warring Triad and randomly do a massive laser attack that faces a random person. When the Ultima Warrior is in Sephirot “mode” he will do the AoE placements which you got to dodge and stack up accordingly.

When it is in Sophia mode it will do the white/black circle stack and so on. And honestly, for Zurvan I can not tell you what it does as it was dead by then. Either way, I am going to assume its the fire/ice thing so stand in the needed towers!

Ultima Beast

The Ultima Buster ... oh right, Weapon .. oh

The Ultima Buster … oh right, Weapon .. oh

Following the theme that this patch is just a rehashed Final Fantasy VI we have the Ultima Beast. This boss is the dungeon’s version of the Ultima Buster, Ultima Weapon, Atma Weapon or whatever version of the boss you know the name by and with this it brings a couple of its skills over.

But ultimately its all pretty simple. Just make sure to run away from the tank with flare, be careful of the moving AoEs for Light Tower and basically just dodge everything else. Not a bad boss but I kinda wish it had far more HP and hit far more – would have been fitting for a somewhat iconic boss.

Overall this was not a bad dungeon. Although it was very short it visually did look good, the music is pretty nice and the bosses is interesting enough to be different to the last set of expert dungeons.

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