So it has been a few days now so I figured I would have a talk about Triple Triad … and its a mixture feeling.

First of all for those that do not know that Triple Triad has just came out to the lands or Eozera where it’s basically a number game (excluding all the many regional / extra rules) where a card has four numbers on each side (1 – A) with the higher number being able to beat a lower number. Should a higher number be placed next to a card then the one that placed the card takes over that card.

Now do not get me wrong the game is fun … what is not fun is the starting grind. Now I can understand why you can not play very powerful cards from the start but I don’t understand why you need to get 30 cards before you can even play a couple of good cards – the problem with this is you can’t really even beat NPCs enough to even get new cards.

Although the grind is boring and annoying … the game itself is quite fun and I imagine once I get access to 30 cards I will be able to make a semi good deck and actually enjoy this version of it and if not … then I will simply likely just collect cards and just stop playing it (not too sure how easy it is for someone to catch up” once people got good cards).

That said though … I GOT THE TERRA BRANFORD CARD!!!


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