It has now been a bit from when the Gold Saucer came out and while I have spoken about Triple Triad and Chocobo Racing … time to talk about a few of the mini games (this not include the lottos … they are kinda a given!).

So here we go – the games!

Crystal Tower Striker

Patricia smashing with a hammer .... and a panties shot! (I swear, it just happened to be that angle)

Patricia smashing with a hammer!

Well this one is very simple. You simply have to hit when the bar get to the right position and how far to the right, the more MGP you get!

The game itself cost a mere 1 MGP to play and you have a couple of seconds (about 20 or 30, too lazy to check) and depending where you hit you will get one of the following.

  • Glancing (2 MGP)
  • Crushing (3 MGP)
  • Pulverizing (5 MGP)

Overall this game isn’t bad and is alright for mindless fun … won’t earnt too much MGP from it but I did get 8000 for the haircut!

Monster Toss

Patricia playing basketball

This is the whole thing – throw a ball!

The fastest way to sum up this game is that it is simply basketball. The way it works is there is a bar much like the one in the game above and a marker automatically moves from right to left.

The idea is to get the marker over the highlighted area and if you do that then you get a hoop and the ball goes in. Should you get the marker outside of the high lighted area then the ball will miss.

Unlike the other games you have to win to actually get MGP but due to this you can also win the most MGP from any of the mini games and the rewards are the following.

  • 1~2 Points (4 MGP)
  • 3~4 (6 MGP)
  • 5~ Points (10 MGP)

Out of all the mini games this is my favourite!

The Moogle’s Paw

Patricia ... don't pick up that bomb!!!

Patricia … don’t pick up that bomb!!!

The next game is known as the Moogle Paw. Now this one is very simple – its just a grabbing game. To do this all you do is press the first button which moves the claw to the right and once you are at the position you want. Once you got that bit done, you then press the next button which moves the claw up.

The idea of the game is to simply pick up any object that you can get with there being two types – a small one and a big one. The points work like the following.

  • Large Item (2 MGP)
  • Small Item (5 MGP)

As you may have been able to guess the large item is the most easy one to get and thus it is worth little MGP while the small item is harder to get and worth more MGP. Overall it isn’t much to it but hey if you are at the Gold Saucer you don’t have much else to do!


Patricia hitting Gilgamesh ... ya take that, bitch!

Patricia hitting Gilgamesh … ya take that, bitch!

And for the final mini game that came out on release is Cuff-a-Cur. Now like the others this is very simple and has a bar with a high lighted area in the middle. The idea is to press the marker the closer it is to the middle. The closer you are to the middle, the more MGP you will win. If you hit too far out however you lose the MGP you paid in.

The MGP scoring works like the following.

  • Brusing! (2 MGP)
  • Punishing!! (3 MGP)
  • Brutal!!! (5 MGP)

This game is pretty easy and it is quite easy to get at least 3 MGP a time with some what little reflexes. This one however is the only mini game you can play when you are waiting for Chocobo Racing to pop as it is the only one in the area. I imagine they did this so everyone just did not zone into that area for the mini games.

So that is all the mini games. I will try to cover every GATE but I haven’t yet taken any screenshots of them yet but I will try too!

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