As you may have gathered the Gold Saucer has quite a lot too offer and one of these things is G.A.T.E. (Gold Saucer Active Time Events) and like the mini games – there is quite a few of them to list!

The Time of my Life

Patricia doing a dance-off!!!

Patricia doing a dance-off!!!

The first one is basically a dance off where you have to correctly carry out the dance that is shown you too by NPCs. In order to work this out there is NPCs that can be found above the stage or NPCs that can be found around the side of the stage.

Now the idea of this GATE is simple – just match the emotes they do. The emotes are given you too in four stages with each stage having four emotes you got to remember and each time you do it right you get a point towards your “Flawless Moves”.

If you do it right 16 times you win the max prize which is about 400ish MGP – for what is such an easy mini game it is always one worth while to do when it pops!


... how the hell am I carrying the chocobo down?

… how the hell am I carrying the chocobo down?

The next one is a simple jumping game while avoiding bombs that aim to knock you off the place. At the top of Mt. Corel there is a little .. fat chocobo hatching that for some reason has climbed up and yep you guessed it right, the chocobo is unable to get back down!

The game itself is pretty simple and there isn’t much hard jumping to do but overall the bombs have different timers that you got to watch out for.

Should you make it up the top of Mt Corel you will find the little hatching and in exchange you will get an easy 120 MGP!

.... another chocobo?

… another chocobo?

Now I am not sure if this next GATE has a different name from what what I noticed they were both called cliffhanger!

So this one works exactly the same as the above and you have to dodge bombs which goes off at different times. The different is simply with this one (and like the other one actually) someone has lost their little chocobo (in this case the chocobo name is Baby Bootkins who has wondered up El Coloso … and the little school girl can not get him down!

Overall the same as the other one – quick and easy to do!

Vase Off

Solid Patty sneaking around.

Solid Patty sneaking around.

While nothing to do with the film Face Off, Vase Off is a GATE where you have to be some what sneaky and avoid people that is looking to stop you.

Basically there is a rich guy within the place that buys vases and need them delivered while at the same time thieves was to nick it from you. So the idea of the thing is you have to sneak around avoiding the thieves while getting to the people in time.

Now you are able to take any route you want but to what I hear you can not jump off … that would be cheating if you could do it so easily!

The amount of vases you have to hand in is either 1, 2 or 3 and the more you have to hand in – the higher your MGP!

Overall this is a pretty easy one, but can be annoying.

Any Way the Wind Blows

Please RNG ... PLEASE!!!

Please RNG … PLEASE!!!

Ah now this one is the most famous one of them – the one where its pure RNG that decides if you win or not.

Now the idea of this game is simply not too fall off for around five rounds while Typhon randomly throws AOEs on the stage. How it works is you get a couple of seconds to move which after are you then “trapped” onto that position. Once you are trapped the AOE markers will be shown and if you are in them then boom, you are blown off and if you was out it then you get a chance for a few more rounds.

However should you dodge each one … I hear you get quite a massive payment!

Skin Change We Can Believe in

Hmmm... is it this one?

Hmmm… is it this one?

Now the final GATE might be the hardest of them all as it involves you having to actually compare an NPC with a bunch of other NPCs that look-alike to find the imp that hidden himself perfectly as another person!

To win this game it is pretty simple – you have to look at the main NPC and get a sense of what they look like. Then go around to the other NPCs and try your best to see if they look the same, wearing the same gear, same colour on those gear etc.

Should you win however you get quite a bit of MGP and is pretty easy to do if you spend some time.

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