As I am sure quite a few of you may be aware, Life in Eozera a few days ago had massive technical issues in which the whole website was lost … and none of the backups worked. Well I have finally restored the whole website by using Google Cache to get the old post and then re-uploaded the images.

However for the galleries I decided to re-upload a different set filtering out any old ones I never liked but I also took the chance to finally get around to making a gear set gallery that I aimed to have done with the original website but ended up doing them as post instead as it was more simple to do.

But anyhows with that in mind – I have now created a gear set section on Life in Eozera where you are free to browse the many gear sets that I have collected over my time in Eozera and I will carry on updating them as I get more.

So feel free to pop along and have a look: Final Fantasy XIV ARR Gear sets Gallery and as of right now I am still uploading many of the gear sets I have – it just takes quite some time to do!

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