Update: Munificent Bitch! 

Now I do not mind RNG where it is simply a case of something that you could do yourself, or easily, but my quest for a Kingly Whisker to create two weapons for my White Mage and Scholar.

But for anyone that has done Good King Moogle Ex or in fact any Primal Extremes will know that you are able to get a very, very rare item that can be used to make housing or weapons and all Primals other than Moogle drops mounts and these mounts is what keep people farming the other primals … but Moogle doesn’t have it thus people do not bother.

Now I’m sure you just picked up a problem with farming a Kingly Whisker – the ones that can farm it are not (no reason to do so) and thus you are left with those that got to clear it (fair enough, everyone got to do it for their first time) and due to this it means farming Moogle Ex turns into a very, very lengthy thing … or not even a “farm” at all.

It is a real shame that it is likely without spending about 5 million on it that I won’t get a Kingly Whisker just to make two vanity weapons simply because there is no reason to farm the content and it saddens me to think that when 3.0 comes along, all of these vanity weapons and items is likely to be gone simply because people will not farm them.

Well suppose I will buy the Kingly Whisker later next week while I still can, but its a shame for future players that is unlikely to ever see the Primal weapons with lack of reasons for people to farm stuff.

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