With Heavenwards now has an official release date and with A Realm’s Reborn story now about to come to a close, it will be easy to forget about the areas of Eorzea such as The Black Shroud as everyone makes their way to the new areas of Coerthas, Ishgard, Dravania and possibly even Sharlavan as we travel west of Eorzea!

But while there is a lot more places to see, I imagine much like the current areas of Eorzea people will simply over look it as they go to their next quest or their next bit of gear.

So before all the areas come out, have travel around Eorzea on your personal chocobo and see the vast areas and beautiful sights all around you that you may have never seen!

So with this I decided to hold a little contest! I am offering a month free subscription (via a game card) to the best screenshot (you are not allowed to edit it and I will try my best not to take into effect better graphic settings) that shows just how lovely Eorzea can be!

To submit your entries, please do email me at p…@lifeineorzea.com with the subject heading as Screenshot Contest: Location Name | Player Name (Server Name). So an ezample of that would be like this.

Screenshot Content: South Shroud (1x, 1y) | Patricia Nirvana (Moogle)

So travel around Eozrea … and witness just how lovely it is!

This contest will end shortly after the release of 2.55. The winner will be contacted via the email they contact me at and we will follow up from there. The winner will be decided by any method I wish. You also give me the right to publish any screenshots sent to me to Life in Eozrea! The prize will be offered as a game card only, not cash.

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