As you may know I am currently farming to get the Last Resort (nearly there, will make one big post for the whole thing unlike how I did with the Thyrus) and during the discussion at the end of one of the runs, a DPS asked how people give out commendations and I figured I will quickly go over it seeing I have nothing else to write about right now 😉

Now its rare I will simply give it too someone just because they play a certain role or do their job, but the reasons are below!

Going way beyond!

The first thing I check is to see if someone has gone beyond the basics of what you expect from that job. So the first example which is likely why I often get commendations is a healer that will stance dance to switch between healing and DPSing while managing their MP and making sure people do not die.

Another example and the “most” common reason I give out commendations is Bards that will sing their songs – most importantly Foe Requiem – without having to be told anything.

And for the sake of this post an example of a tank going beyond is using stoneskin on weak people when healers don’t have time, using cover at the right time, maxing their DPSing when they got a massive agro lead etc.


This one is simple – anyone who actually chats and have fun during the run is someone I will think about and I will notice. I have been in many runs where people either just say hi or not even anything at all. If you do not talk, I won’t even think about giving a commendation!


Now not everyone talks but the next one I give commendations too is those that will listen to advise when it is given, as long as the advise wasn’t given as an insult!

And a plus to new people to the fight who ask about how to beat bosses etc and listen to the advise given.

And there you have it, the three reasons I will give out commendations too! And too sum it up in a few words – basically anyone who is nice to each other.

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