With just a little time left to go before 2.55 is released, we are all now about to witness the final patch for A Realm Reborn as we move onto Heavensward.

While there is rumors already about what is yet to come with the story and other details, today we will get to witness how this current story arc end as we move onto the first expansion and I will be the first to say – I will be kinda happy too see the end of A Realm Reborn and looking forward to everything that Heavensward to bring!

But I suppose the real question now though …. what are we meant to do for the next three months!? Farm World of Darkness and Final Coil of Bahamut?

… I see a boring three months coming ahead.


Thanks to everyone that has submitted entries for the screenshot content. I will be looking over then and removing any that didn’t follow the rules (well, didn’t even try too) and I will be posting the winner in about a week or two. If you “still” want to enter, I would do so very, very fast when 2.55 comes up.

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