Chocobo Racing was something I was honestly not looking forward too based on my experiences with Final Fantasy VII breed insane fast one – just hold one button and win) but I do have to say I am actually quite enjoying Chocobo Racing in Eorzea and kicking people arses with Céleste!

For those that do not know Chocobo Racing kinda acts a bit like Mario Kart. You get your power ups that either give yourself a buff or you get one that allows you to fuck over someone else.

Racing wise it just works as a “on the rail” rider with your chocobo always heading forward without any input from you. You can change which lane you are in by pressing left and right and you can boost yourself while taking a lot more of your resources. The matches themselves are either against other players (or in-game NPCs which are coloured green) and can actually be quite fun.

Now I have not yet touched the breeding side of things but I have done quite a few races and would imagine I will carry on racing for a while yet to come.

For any on Moogle that wants a race – give me a in-game shout!

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