One thing I have often been told when I discuss Stormblood is how it comes across that I hate everything about the expansion. While the story itself was “meh” and half of the fights were questionable in interest I can say some gearsets that came out in Stormblood that I thought were amazing with one of them being a gearset I am likely to use for many years to come.

Diamond Gearset of Healing

It is hard to explain how disappointed I was when the Genji armour was released and I saw for the first time an armoured set that looks like it belonged to a White Mage and yet it fit an eastern style character – something mine is not. While I used the Gordias armour for a while (in theory the High Allagan would have worked), they released the Diamond set which looked like it could have been White Mage Artifact Gear.

Sadly I was expecting to never get this armour and would have likely not settled with the Carborundum version (While I would not dye the set, it feels weird to me to not have the best version of it and it would feel ruined to do so) I was surprised my raid group defeated Sigmascape V4.0 (Savage) the day before the next tier came out and my co-healer passed on it for me and by 7.69% pure luck the Diamond Cane dropped as well.

To this day it is a gearset I am likely to use for many years to come and heck to some may be the gearset they see worn the most.

The Diamond Gearset of Healing

Diamond Gearset of Fending

This gearset is one that I knew my brother would want to get as soon as he could and although he does not use the gearset he does use the sword and shield. This gearset is one I always felt that it looked like tanking gear and one I keep to this very day and use on my tank. It is a shame it doesn’t have an actual helmet as I like to hide the face on jobs I don’t feel suits my character well.

The Diamond Gearset of Fending

Duelist Gearset

Technically this is the second Artifact Armour set for Red Mages and I outright love this set as it looks amazing and has quite a flair. Compared to the Artifact Armour released in Shadowbringers this one just screams out Red Mage.

The Duelist Gearset

Eastern Socialite Gearset

I think this is the first gearset that made me break my rule on using Mogstation as I got this gearset so fast when it came out, dyed the thing pure white and start to use this gearset where I want a more formal look as it can look White Mage light in certain conditions.

The Eastern Socialite Gearset

Endless Summer Gearset

I know everyone that reads Life in Eorzea or raids with me will outright disagree and look at the million screenshots of running around in underwear but I don’t actually like running around topless or even with swimwear (outside of my own house) and this is one of the reasons I love the endless summer set – it feels more modest.

While it is a shame but doesn’t dye amazingly well it is still wonderful for when I want to use swimwear and surprisingly not on a glamour plate.

The Endless Summer Gearset

Elemental Gearset of Fending

This gearset is from Eureka and its a tanking set that goes amazingly with the Excalibur Zeta and the Aegis shield that I am aware that Ryu keeps this set on a glamour plate simply because on how well it links together.

This is also the first unique set that belongs to just Final Fantasy XIV that feels like you are in a Final Fantasy game – something that sometimes doesn’t feel like so.

The Elemental +2 Gearset of Fending

Elemental Gearset of Healing

I really like the look of this gear but this gearset sadly reminds me of what we could have had. I still believe it was a missed opportunity to carry on upgrading the Artifact Armour and possibly even have a new design at the very end.

Still, this gearset was upgradable I suppose but it is still one I will keep nearby and heck maybe even use as a battle vanity in future.

The Elemental +2 Gearset of Healing

Ivalician Samurai Gearset

I am quite surprised that I fell in love with this gear set for my samurai as I always figured I would use the Genji set for it but there is something about this gearset that just ticks me in the right way – even if it is from Tactics.

While sadly I do not really play samurai these days and likely won’t be doing so in the near future, it is likely I will keep this set tucked away in a retainer until I do once again.

The Ivalician Samurai Gearset

Red Gearset

There is something about this Red Mage gearset that I love. I am not sure if it is because of it shows a bit of cleavage or because it looks like a simple Red Mage design but I still find myself drawn to using this gearset a lot on my Red Mage.

The only problem I find with this gearset is what weapon to use with it as the simple design just sucks with many of the relic or raid weapons.

The Red Gearset

Seventh’s Heaven Gearset

I have a love/hate relationship with the Seventh’s Heaven gearset. While I do love the overall design and the fact it does kinda look like an armoured battle set – I have two problems with it.

The first problem is how it far too regal and you feel like an eastern princess when wearing it. I do know that in most Final Fantasy games that their White Mages are a Princess but I still dislike it for that reason.

The second thing is the male version of this gearset looks a million times better and would be something I would likely use. Still, I hated the Orison Robe with a passion back in Heavenward and came to love it so it is likely the same for this one during Shadowbringers.

The Seventh’s Heaven Gearset

Shisui Gearset of Healing

Modest looking swimwear? Check.

Primary white with red on it? Check.

This is why I love this gearset and although I personally do not use this gear set as a swimsuit as I tend to use the endless summer set when I do but this gearset does have its place.

The Shisui Gearset of Healing
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