I am sure there is not many here that will debate it is nice to have an item that is rare but what is horrible is others have a rare item that suddenly becomes near impossible for you to get “simply” because the community rarely farms for it any-more and I am indeed talking about the crafting items drops from the Primal fights. 

Now I know what you may be wondering that people are farming these Primals for their mounts but they are doing it under-sized which stops these items from dropping … which means these items are going to become even rarer and rarer.

The thing is these items although they are in-game that they will not be “accessible” forever as finding a fully party to farm these items will simply not happen which means something has to change and I reckon there will be three ways for this.

  1. Allow these items to drop under-sized so even little parties of two can farm them.
  2. Allow these items to be farmed in the hard mode of these primals aside with the normal version of the items (and make it an insane low drop rate).
  3. Allow these items to be obtained via breaking down the items that from the primals.

Ultimately it does not really matter how these items could be obtained but rather that something has to be changed as although right now it is still kinda possible to get farm groups for the item drops (well the only one I see people still farm for is the Kingly Whisker) but soon that is going to become pretty much impossible and its sad that these weapons will become so rare no one will really get the chance to ever get one.

Ah well at least I have made the Moogle weapons I want but I really do feel for those who have yet to get then and to some that never will.

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