While so far in Heavensward I have been quite upset with the class and jobs quests as being quite boring but I do have to say that the Dark Knight job quest from level 30-50 have been very interesting and something I kinda agree with – will explain as I go on.

The whole story starts with finding both a weapon and a Soul Crystal and then a person known as Fray. Fray then explains to you what a Dark Knight is all about and offers to help you listen to the voice within you and to help you to understand it … but in the spirit of things going pear-shaped this kinda is what happens.

Now after leveling up you learn that Fray is somewhat annoyed at you helping people and more so annoyed that people do not respect you for it and in a way seems to be thinking exactly what you as the player is thinking – why am I doing all of this and running back and forth when I am the person that has defeated Primals.

Not scary, at all!!!

Not scary, at all!!!

Near the end of the story you learn there is something odd about Fray … or a better way to put it is no one seems to be reacting to him or at least seems to be reacting to what she is saying but directing it at all. Finally in Camp Dragonhead there are claims that you was talking with a corpse which isn’t true … right!?

Well you learn you did indeed and it is at this same time you learn that Fray is actually yourself or at least the part of you that wants to be able to do what you want and throw everything to the side and to be your honest self … which is basically what all this is about – to let you be yourself and not what everyone else want you to be.

So it then turns into a battle where your dark side of yourself (Fray) seems to bring himself to this world as you (and others) are physically battling against him although there are some hints they could actually be fighting you and you are fighting yourself from within but hey lets not get into that too much as I forgot to record that battle so I could look back on. After what seems to be a short fight, you have beaten yourself and you now fall!

And Patricia has fallen!

And Patricia has fallen!

At the end of all this you learn a lesson – there isn’t really good or evil but just parts of yourself that you do not accept and all your other side and that at the end you finally come to accept it and that should you ever need help to bring all that back up you only need to ask for help.

Well that is the story for Dark Knight and honestly I got to say I loved it  but lets talk about the actual job itself so far. Well honestly so far it pretty much seems to play like a Paladin in every way that I am honestly surprised that Dark Knight and Paladin simply wasn’t the same job with a switching like Dissidia.

Overall I would say Dark Knight is a fun tank to play with and although it seems to be much like a Paladin it does more damage, seems a bit more engaging (although Paladin from Level 52 onwards is far more fun). I would say you can’t go wrong playing as a Dark Knight if you were looking to tank but I would say those that is coming from a DPS job would be best going Warrior.

For the screenshots I thought it would be more fitting to use my White Mage and draw out the “good VS evil” that they had going. The actual quest is all done as a Dark Knight.

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