Although its has now been quite a while from when I defeated Ravana Extreme, I have now finished all of the extreme primals that has been released in 3.0 and I have to say the only one I actually found interesting was Bismarck.

For those that are wondering there is currently two Primals that now form a new story which seems to be related to the “Warring Triad” and something about they are able to use their energy to do things. So the first one in this list is naturally Bismarck and I have commented on this before and the second one is Ravana.

Overall this story arc seems kinda boring but hey it got the Warring Triad in it and an unknown possible child who seems to be connected to the Primals but wants to help us for reason unknown.

While I am sure they will add new Primal fights I can not help but wonder what they will actually bring out. We are currently not aware of any new beast tribes and unless a transformation like Shiva’s happen again I don’t think we will be seeing any new one – thus why the final boss of Heavensward may have a new version. No idea how they will bring that fight out however … but hey we will see!

So time to set my eyes upon Savage and discover the truth there!

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