Two days ago I have finally finished getting the title I wanted to get (have used “the White” for so long now) and while would love to say I got it by painfully saving people lives, helping them run duties and jumping in front of magical attacks for new adventurers … I got it by farming people.

Yep you have read that right – I got it by farming people. For those wondering how this was done I followed the scent of any S Ranks that I picked up on and hung around waiting for any one to die and then quickly raise them before they returned.

While I would love to say that was enough, it sadly wasn’t and thus I had to turn to another source of dead bodies or at least anywhere where it might be common to find them and I found it – “The Hills have Eyes” fate.

I simply stood around waiting for people to come and wait until the fiend started doing his massive AOE attack and when it happened I then revived anyone who died and I got to say – there were a TON of chocobos lying on the floor!

But regardless of the fact I waited for people to die (and possible “may” have caused a few of them) I have finally got the title and in the progressed help save a few gil for people who would have to waste that to teleport back!

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