Aw the frill of exploring the unknown never expecting what may just be around that corner, that monster that may come out of no where and most importantly all the spoils that has until now gone long forgotten – welcome to the Diadem.

So as you may already know the Diadem is designed to be a wide open area where people can explore, kill mobs for loot (will explain that below) or harvest until your pocket blows up and that you are basically just free to do as you please for an hour and a half although my experience with random players is they either just want to kill everything, half flies off to random directions and the other half turns into gatherers and all bitch at each other for an hour or half just leave out right.

But that aside that although I only tried the Diadem Normal Mode, the mobs there are quite tough and things hit hard, some interactive fights but when there are loads of other parties there it does just feel like a smaller hunt where people are not yelling at each other and blaming “ninja pullers” for every single problem of the day they are having.

But still the content is fun and honestly I’m glad they decided to scrap one of the dungeons to develop this and should they carry on updating it with more ideas, new mobs and gear I can see myself playing this content for ages to come.

So if I was you, I would give this content a try to if you can try to avoid it using the Duty Finder version but go with some friends, free company or even party finder and go and get that loot and if you can farm it long enough: Pegasus!

For those wondering and this is only from what I been seeing is this is how loot works at least in the normal mode. It “seems” any chest can give you a 210 item – I am quite sure we saw one from bronze chest once but we have seen them now and then in silver and gold seems to drop at least one every time.

Bronze drops from common mobs, silver randomly drops from higher ranks mobs and gold from star mobs all based on how much you do to the overall mobs.


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