The Great Gubal Library is the second new dungeon that came out with the 3.4 patch of Final Fantasy XIV and if you are in a hurry for my review – I found this dungeon to be more interesting than the other one but still on the easy side. 

So let’s start off with what the dungeon looks like and I’m sure at this point you will know that pretty much every dungeon looks pretty or suit the atmosphere and this dungeon is no different.  Along with the atmosphere that the design brought, the music also helped bring it to life but that’s nothing new at this point.

The bad thing about it is the dungeon was far too easy. The trash mobs is still your standard gather everything up and AoE them to the ground (I still do believe it’s due to the dungeons being designed for a far lower ilv than people enter the patch with). The first two bosses are quite a letdown and just a repeat of fights we had before but the final boss was interesting and had some fun with even if it did repeat what other bosses did – it brought them out in interesting and random ways.

Nonetheless, for what the purpose of the dungeons is for I found it quite enjoyable but it’s a shame that I will become sick of these dungeons when running expert roulette for the 100’s time – hoping this patch I find other ways as well to cap weekly.


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