For anyone that has been in The Nirvana Company or has read Life in Eorzea for any length of time will know that I do hate Duty Finder with a passion when it comes to content such as raiding and extreme trials due to the amount of different standards you get when playing with randoms.

Raid Finder is basically the same idea as Duty Finder as it picks random people who are also queued up (it does try not to match the same jobs thankfully) but there is a major difference – you are able to select phases which you have gotten up too and only enter a party with like-minded people (Going for the clear? Then use the clear option.

Just like Party Finder, however, there is a flaw and that it does work on the honour system other than the option which you can only do after you have cleared the fight itself. When you select which phase you have gotten up to the game does not check if you got to that phase and due to that you do find some parties where you think you are going to be practicing the last part and going for a hopeful down where you find out they haven’t even started the fight yet.

I can already foresee the problem that it will get to the point where new players to the trial or raid will no longer be able to find anyone for it but I would rather take raid finder then Duty Finder. They can easily put the old trials and raids onto Duty Finder and leave just the current stuff on Raid Finder.

But honestly I would much prefer to learn the new extreme trials and raids using raid finder as it seems to be filled with like-minded people where party finder can be a hit and miss and that hit and miss is filled with people whom you see around on the server.

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