As with any patch, we are given two new dungeons that will replace the expert roulette for the next three months and the first one I have completed is Xelphatol and here is my feedback.

Visually the dungeon is pretty nice and as you would expect with the Ixal’s place but it is quite sad we taken a large area of this region for a single dungeon but nonetheless it looked nice. Aside with this, the music for the place was pretty nice and I do believe we got the music track at the end of it which is a very nice bonus – no random drop and what not!

However, get is where we get to the bad part of this little recap. The dungeon was … boring and insanely easy. The ultimate problem with this dungeon is the fact it was just far too easy to do the whole thing and that this is likely to appear 50% of the time while I am farming roulettes.

This would be a lovely dungeon with some interesting ideas – definitely with Garuda being involved if only it was harder to do. I reckon they should still being in an actual hard mode for these dungeons and either offer some more tomes or drop some upgrade items to transform the current tome gear into ones with more material slots or hell even make harder versions of the dungeons that you got to do in order to be able to buy the upgraded versions of the tome gear (these dungeons could come out at a later time).

But alas still a nice dungeon but far too easy.


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