One of the best things in any online RPG is gearing up exactly how you want but one annoying little problem is every bit of gear that is worth using is normally a random drop where you have to vote against others to get it.

The first thing I wanted ages ago was the Foestriker’s Tabard when I saw it but I never ever saw it again once I saw it the first time (which my brother then got). Just a few weeks back I finally saw it again I was there with someone… who clicked need on it knowing I wanted it. Then a few days afterwards I got into a group in Copperbell Mines which only had Casters and the top dropped … and I got it with no contest.

I remember first seeing the Allagan Tunic of Healing on a random person and always thought to myself I want that but RNG decided otherwise. I only saw it once which is when I passed to allow the other healer to get (was in a static and the healer was less geared then myself) but I then I never saw it again until 2.2. Thankfully Luciania was with me whom passed on it … and now it is nothing more than a common drop I seem to find any time I do Turn 4.

And now I am having the same problem that the Pilgrim’s Robe seems to not exist regardless where I am farming it for. Being the only healer that can be in a four man party (if using Duty Finder), I at least have no contest for the day it finally drops … if it does.

So in short RNG sucks, it really does but I will see that top one day.

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