Finally the massive grind is over. 13500 myth tomes (which would have been about 3375k gil for myth items at 150k each upon 2.2 release), killing 90 random targets, 27 random dungeons, leves and FATEs later I finally have the Thryus Animus!

I myself was quite lucky when I started farming the needed atmas as I got them pretty quick (I found just doing it for an hour or two at a time and no more helped when it come with the sanity involved). I then spent time in my small static farming the myth tomes with each other and then did the books mostly together.

The stats on the weapon itself is not the best and would have loved to see Piety but I am finally ready for when the next step of the Zodiac weapon and hoping that soon the weapon stats can be changed to match what we want.

But finally … its over … the massive grind is over.

I can say this though. I am not doing it again, I would rather spam Leviathan and hope the weapon AND the mirror drops for my Scholar, no way am I doing all that again.

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