I have always said one of the best things in any online RPG is the gearing up and looking how you want and when I first saw the art work for the Pilgrim gear I knew I just had to have it – something I have finally done today.

For those that found this via a search engine, the Pilgrim gear is all the following:

  • Pilgrim’s Eyepatch
  • Pilgrim’s Robe
  • Pilgrim’s Gloves
  • Pilgrim’s Sash
  • Pilgrim’s Slops
  • Pilgrim’s Shoes

Although I did originally believe this gear set was going to be used for the White Mage’s Relic +2 gear (or whatever naming system people will end up using) I later found out that it was a vanity drops for healers I knew that I would have to use it on my Scholar due to wanting it to look more like a White Mage, rather than a generic healer.

I will be uploading a gallery of the gearset soon!

The gearset itself though was very hard to get (well not in terms of skill, but rather the 5% it would drop) and it took a lot of running the different hard mode places to drop. Although I got all the different bits (other than the robe) in both of the new hard places, I only got the robe in the Lost City of Amdapor so if you wish to farm for this gear set I would just do it there.

So tomorrow its time to make a bunch of prisms so my Scholar can look more like a White Mage!

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