Patricia with her robe off.

With the new trailer for 2.5 coming out, I can not help but still feel quite sadden with the changes that were made to the original Amdaoor Keep. For those that may not remember or known but one of the major changes is that they removed gnats from the Demon Wall boss which understandably was done to make it easier for the overall community … but this caused people to not push themselves to beat content but rather simply just turn up and get a reward.

Now I do understand that this is a game that people play for fun but really is just turning up and getting a prize really fun?

It is little things like these that allow people to carry on developing their skills and to improve overall. Imagine if you did Crystal Tower and it was simply just standing there and kill, none of that would start to make you aware of stuff that will reappear in Syrcus Tower or let alone World of Darkness!

The same also applies to The Binding Coil of Bahamut that unless you actually practice and get used to things and dealing with things that right away is out of your skill level – you simply will never improve and the game will stay the same in every single way.

It is small things like learning how to beat gnats that simply will allow players to learn and be more improved in the game. Now I do understand content was made to be pugged and there were people pissed off that some people failed (such as speed runs today) but still, its small goals like this that people do miss but am hoping that the gnats makes a return and hopefully we do not out gear anything!

But on a side note, I do leave this message. For all knows that has yet to try content like Bahamut Coil – really just jump right in there! You are quite likely to enjoy it and should your party cause any problems report them and try to brush them off – there are some douche out there but I would advise having a read up on what to expect if you are worried.

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