With Final Fantasy XIV now being down as of posting, we see 2.4 now draw up behind us and 2.5 about to come – its time to look back at 2.4.

The first thing I will talk about is that in 2.4 I was able to beat Shiva Ex before any buffs or nerfs was added AND successfully farm it to get every item that I need. The next thing I will comment on that I did enjoy, although a bit winded, was the relic quest.

Although that same quest had quite a lot of RNG involved it, it was actually enjoyable having to sort out crafting and was able to fully max out my Nirvana with every stat I need!

The dungeons themselves was a massive change from what we had before; This time we had actual hard places and fun fights where you had to work out what to do with a bit of healing and DPS checking. The same dungeons however did suck when it came to loot … there was nothing in terms of vanity gear set other than the myth gear which I already had for everything I cared about.

In this same patch I also started working on all crafters and nearly got there although I did miss getting them all to 50 by the time the server went down, I was able to get most done!

And with that I look forward to seeing such a hyped patch and hope that 2.5 is the way to go from here on!

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