Okay I will be the first one to say …. I HATE LEVELLING CRAFTING JOBS!

As some may know for a long while now I have been able to craft high-end weaver but after a chat with a member within my free company I kinda agreed that someone within the free company needs to be able to craft 4* star everything and it clicked to me – it is something I should be able to do and with that I set upon my goal of levelling every levelling job and man … I already hate it.

So here is the target – level everything up to level 50 and that’s it. Now for my leatherworker I am getting powered level by Seren (thank you!) but for the rest I am having to rely purely on making items and so far about level 20 for most of them. I am also using the beast tribe as and when I can but there you go folks – my target to level everything up to 4* and gear up a full set of Artisan gear so I can do so (ah, this remembers me of the Patrician gear set days).

So … here we go lets just craft away!

… did I ever say I hate crafting?

... kidding I had underwear on!

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