Man oh man … I thought I would have been done with this by now!

As you may know a while back ago I decided – Hey let’s get my PvP Rank up so I can equip those nice armour and other gear but I do have to say now that I am starting to get tired of both the massive queue and simply how much of a grind it is purely for what is vanity (simply because it ain’t like the gear is actually “useful” anywhere).

Progress wise I am currently at Rank 34 (out of 40 something that I need to be able to equip the weapon that I now fallen in love with) and man I have to say it is very, very tiring waiting and waiting for frontlines. That said I still do stand by my view on frontlines but I really do wish it was quicker so I could finish this grind already.

Ah well here we go again, it just popped – wish me luck!


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