And as of this edit 7th of January, I have fully maxed my relic in Piety and Determination!

With it now being a few weeks from when I have unlocked the Nirvana, it is finally time to start maxing out the stats that I wanted – Piety and Determination. When I originally melded the Thryus I melded up to the first Savage Might IV and then decided to meld Spell Speed to do the whole thing on the cheap.

Well with the stats upgradable every time the weapon ilv increases, its time to finish the stats I actually wanted. So with this in mind I am finally spirit bonding to get the grade that I need although I am doing it slightly different; the main idea behind all this is to spirit bond with crafting gil and sell that – at least I will always get something that can be sold!

So wish me the best of luck with melding up the Nirvana … I am really going to need it. With that also in mind I now plan to farm for Atmas (again) so I am able to re-buy the Thryus Atma so I can use it for vanity … although I really hated the look of it I now miss the look of my Thryus compared to the Nirvana … although I am likely just to go back to the Nirvana a few days anyway!

So wish me the best of luck with that … this is going to cost a lot of gil and / or time.

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