If there is one thing I really do hate in Eozrea is levelling alt classes as really all you have is FATEs, dungeons (that if you are DPS it will take forever) and hunting logs and man it really can get boring.

But the main problem I have with levelling is A Realm Reborn treats the first 50 levels as a tutorial … and when you already at end game and know what Eorzea has in store it gets very, very annoying not really being able to do anything interesting until you hit level 50.

Ah well with Heavensward coming out within a few weeks I really am hoping that new methods of levelling will come out. While I imagine I will be able to level White Mage by the main story and Scholar and Astrologist via doing dungeons (hopefully the queues will not be too bad) that I really do feel sorry for people who is going to be levelling a bunch of DPSes after the release rush of people trying out Dark Knight and Astrologist.

Still I really do hope other methods comes in or at least faster queues so people can have fun levelling up.

Really need to make gear as I level -.-

Really need to make gear as I level -.-

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