Although there is not much to say right now while I simply wait for Heavensward to be released – I am pleased to say however that I have finished levelling my Monk and now with a renewed goal of gearing it up.

In terms of playing Monk I am enjoying it although I do not get why people are so “into it” other than its high DPS but I do have to say the story really, really sent me to sleep. It’s actually one of the first stories in this game I mostly just slimmed read and then slipped!

So while I now look up and find out what happened in the Monk story line (is a shame because I really enjoyed Pugilist’s story), it’s also time to start prepping up for Heavensward and I doubt I will be levelling Monk up any time soon upon its release!

But still its now done and as I said before if I wasn’t a healer in this game – I would have likely been a Monk.


From when I first saw you, I always wanted to beat you up…

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