While The Binding Coil of Bahamut has been a rough ride with its up and downs, I can say as of today I, and Team Kupo within TNC, has now cleared Turn 13 and with that we have now cleared every raid, casual raid, primals and misc trials.

With Final Coil of Bahamut now done and all trials farmed the hell out of them, I am now ready for Heavensward and can take the next week or so easy.

I say well done to myself, my brother Ryu, whatever Tau is called nowadays, Raiden, Noha, Seren, Darble and of course Ryasha for having downed it all and sticking to it.

In terms of updating Life in Eozrea I imagine there will only be two most posts until Heavensward so until next time – take care!

Oh, and I got the Dreadwyrm Cane 🙂

And I got my trophy!

And I got my trophy!

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