Well there is a first time for everything and that’s poor little old Patricia tanking a “serious” run for my first time.

As you may have gathered in this blog I am a healer and it is what I enjoy, but during my travels I picked up all the gear sets in Brayflox and over the months of travelling I unlocked Paladin purely using FATEs.

However someone in the free company needed help and the few that our tanks in our company wasn’t online so I figured I would help … surely tanking can’t be “that” hard right?

Surprisingly I did quite well. Flash “spam” seems to helped quite a bit with holding aoe agro on a few mobs and the Fast Blade combo with rotating against the mobs.

So we got to the first boss and again surprisingly I held agro against everything – the boss and the mobs while the rest just nuked them down. We got to the second boss and the same again, I grabbed the second mob when he appeared and tanked both without losing agro.

Got to the third boss and same again. However we got to the final boss and I am not sure if the DPSes got bored but no one decided to wait for me to at least get a tiny bit of agro nor to allow me to position the final boss.

Anyhows after a rough start I was able to position Altair and with the help of Stoneskin I was able to help keep the stacks of poison of me for the new scholar.

Finally completing the place I could not help but wish I was the one healing. Tanking I can see why people enjoy it, its just not my cup of tea.

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