Well the Thyrus is upgradable and once upgraded it is equal to the Allagan Cane from Turn 5, such an easy weapon!

Unlike the first stage of the Thyrus, the +1 was much more simple as all you had to do was cap your mythology tomes for three weeks and then get a total of 900 mythology tomes which you then buy 3x Thavnairian Mist and then go to the fire forge in North Shroud.

And all you do is change your weapon, go to the forge and pop in the Thyrus and the Mist and out comes the +1 weapon!

I imagine this is the final step of the Thyrus and it gained a cool glow!

Alrighty to those that worked it out, this post is back dated! I wanted to have a record of the Thyrus and Nirvana progress and this was the best way to do it and the screenshots had to be re-taken – but at least it was the actual gear I used!

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