For all healers out there that has been battling with the random number g’ds for months – the Allagan Tunic Of Healing does actually exist!

I have no idea how long I have been doing Coil now nor how long it has been from when I first beaten Turn 4 but what I do know is I have spent ages and ages farming for the Allagan Tunic of Healing and I joined a Turn 4 farm party with the healer in my static and surprise surprise after a very bumpy run – IT DROPPED!

So upon the tunic dropping I jumped right to the FC chat and she already posted that I was free to have it. I was so excited – finally the thing I wanted for so long has dropped.

So I got it … and I equipped it and then it kinda didn’t feel like it was worth it. The reason I felt this is due to getting it after 2.2 … just after people was able to use the echo to farm for it.

The trill of getting it when it was was a sign of status was why I wanted it and also vanity for later, but now it just seems like another drop.

A shame really, a real shame.

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