For all the issues Final Fantasy XIV does have there are three issues I always had a problem with and for those interested enough to read this they are;

  1. Lack of mid-core content (or actual hard four-man content)
  2. Being able to use multi gears for ONE job.
  3. Being able to have different vanities on different jobs.

Now the first one there is still no real hints that this is coming (although Eureka might fit this bill if it lasts longer for a few weeks) but the other two seems to have been sorted. 

For those that know me kinda well in-game will know I use many different gearsets – the Genji gear, Lost Allagan, Genta, and two other gears so that I am able to use all the White Mage gearsets in current content while also allowing my Scholar and Astrologian to share a gearset between themselves.

Obviously, this solution can not work forever but it seems the new vanity system will allow this. For those that do not know you will get 10 gearsets (ensembles) that allow you to use what you set on it in any gear you like. This means I can have one for my Healer Robe, one for my Orison Robe, another for my Seventh’s Heaven and even the Genji gear which would allow me to use them all on my White Mage with my main gearset. It also allows me, my Scholar, to use the Shire gear and my Astrologian to use something else and I suppose I can also use one for my Red Mage so my Summoner is able to use its own gearset although I hardly play as Summoner these days to worry about it.

It may sound like a weird thing to hear but this is quite a major change for me and while the extra storage is nice for the gearsets (dunno about you lot but I plan to keep the White Mage robes in my Chocobo storage) its the fact I can now use different designs on my main gear on the same job that I am going to enjoy the most.

Now an issue I do have already have it (although they said it may change) is the fact you have to go to the inn to do this and that they are not releasing it as a housing item right away which is a shame as I quite like going to my apartment a lot nowadays.

So no idea about you lot but this is a vanity system I can not wait to see. Its one of the major QoL patches I am going to enjoy. 

…. oh in fact there is something I will complain about. I will not have enough slots to have a vanity for each of my crafters!

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